We are very satisfied with your service, we have used several companies over the last few years and found yours to be most efficient, we would recommend you to anyone.
Ms Susan Davies, Matron
Oaks Court Nursing Home, Wolverhampton
Excellent service provided. Polite staff who are always available for advice and always professional. I have used other services, but United Medicare Ltd offer a First class Professional service.
Ms Jenny Shaw,Matron
Fleetwood Nursing Home, Lancashire
Excellent and prompt service by very Pleasant and Professional Staff
Mr Montezuma,Manager
Aldbourne Nursing Home, Wiltshire
Since Changing to United Medicare Ltd, I have found the staff very helpful, polite and engaging. The service provided is prompt and act as a very useful resource. The First POVA checks are promptly returned however I understand the CRB`s are longer with strict criteria having to be adhered to. Our plan is to continue with United Medicare Ltd, the service is great. Many Thanks
Mr Adam Hesselden,Manager
Greenview Nursing House, West Yorkshire


Posted by mathia on April 08, 2013

Position applied for - what you need to do now Due to a change in legislation, you will need to complete field x61 on the application form differently, and you should start to do this right now. Changing the way you complete this field now, for all DBS application forms, will ensure that any DBS certificate issued after the Update Service commences can be used by the individual in the new service, and to take it with them from role to role within the relevant workforce(s). This is because the Police will now use this broader definition of 'workforce' to assess the relevance of any information that they may consider for release, in place of 'position applied for'. Action Required – FAILING TO DO THIS AFTER 17TH JUNE 2013 WILL MEAN YOUR FORM WILL BE REJECTED, SO PLEASE START NOW!! You should now include one of the following phrases in field x61, line 1: - DO NOT PUT THE POSITION IN THE TOP LINE, ENTER IT IN THE SECOND LINE. • 'Child Workforce'. Use this for any position that involves working/volunteering with children. • 'Adult Workforce'. Use this for any position that involves working/volunteering with adults. • 'Child and Adult Workforce'. Use this for any position that involves working/volunteering with both children and adults. • 'Other Workforce'. Use this for any position that does not involve working/volunteering with Children or Adults e.g. security guard. X61, Line 2 should contain the position applied for in the same way as you were doing before - FAILING TO DO THIS WILL MEAN YOUR FORM WILL BE REJECTED! Online applications should have this entered in section X. It should include the workforce followed by the position.