DBS Tracking System

United Medicare is one of the few companies in the United Kingdom with the experience, expertise and infrastructure to offer you an online Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.

Our online DBS checking system is quick and simple to use, and is much more affordable than other existing paper-based DBS checking services.

We developed this online system in-house, drawing upon years of experience in the field to identify all of the major (and minor) weaknesses with the existing DBS checking system. After years of research and development, we introduced our online based DBS checking system, which boasts an impressive range of features designed to handle your checking requests quickly, easily and securely.

Benefits Of Using Our DBS Tracking System

As you’d expect from a system designed to make your life easier, our online DBS checking system has a range of benefits that customers like you have enjoyed time and time again:

Lower costs
No postage expenses or delays
Speeds up your recruitment processes
Easy-to-use system with a low error rate
Clear and easy-to-read results that are delivered electronically
Fully auditable records are all securely stored
Reduces the life cycle of your DBS processes
Proven to be the quickest way of completing DBS checks
Able to submit, process, track and receive full online disclosures
Our online system is also fully tested and approved by disclosure and barring service, and is ISO27001 compliant, giving you complete peace of mind that it’s a secure and trustworthy system.

The Process of our Online system
Performing DBS Checks Online couldn't be easier, the process follows a number of simple steps, in order to provide a disclosure checking service quickly and easily:

1. You request the use of our online service

2. We send you a link along with a secure username and password to login.

3. Conduct checks on your candidates by logging their details into the system.

4. We send login details to your candidates, who can then complete their part of the application through our candidate DBS system.

5. You confirm the relevant identity documents and finalise the application.

6. We send the finalised application to the DBS on the same working day, and send you online confirmation.
You’re able to track this process online at every step, giving you unrivalled access to the progress of your DBS checks.

Paper Vs Online DBS Checks
Having seen the benefits of our online system, and how simple the process is, you’re probably convinced that performing DBS checks online is the most direct route for you and your business.

Still Considering Using Paper Checks?
If your still not convinced the online system will benefit you please view our quick comparison below. It will reiterate the pros and cons of using the traditional paper based system versus online:





Two working days delivery time from you to us, and two further days from us to the DBS. Instant: We receive your completed applications instantly, and then send it on to the DBS on the same working day.


No registration fee. An affordable administrative charge will be incurred for each application.

Competitive administrative charges for each disclosure, along with a £30 (plus VAT) registration payment.

Error Handing

Errors on paper applications are subject to the postal system, potentially slowing down your applications.

Errors can be instantly spotted by an online warning system, and can be corrected.


The tracking process with paper applications is dependent on postal delivery, so can feel slow and frustrating. Both you and your candidates can instantly track your applications at any stage. Automatic updates are also sent.


Manual confirmation is needed, requiring a phone call, letter or fax to confirm completion. Immediate email confirmation on completion of your online DBS form.



We are very satisfied with your service, we have used several companies over the last few years and found yours to be most efficient, we would recommend you to anyone.
Ms Susan Davies, Matron
Oaks Court Nursing Home, Wolverhampton
Excellent service provided. Polite staff who are always available for advice and always professional. I have used other services, but United Medicare Ltd offer a First class Professional service.
Ms Jenny Shaw,Matron
Fleetwood Nursing Home, Lancashire
Excellent and prompt service by very Pleasant and Professional Staff
Mr Montezuma,Manager
Aldbourne Nursing Home, Wiltshire
Since Changing to United Medicare Ltd, I have found the staff very helpful, polite and engaging. The service provided is prompt and act as a very useful resource. The First POVA checks are promptly returned however I understand the CRB`s are longer with strict criteria having to be adhered to. Our plan is to continue with United Medicare Ltd, the service is great. Many Thanks
Mr Adam Hesselden,Manager
Greenview Nursing House, West Yorkshire